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Cleaning solutions for everything.

Need someone to cater for your various cleaning needs? Looking for specialist cleaning services such as upholstery/carpet cleaning, post construction cleaning, and disinfections? We’re the ones for you. We’re experts in tailor making a workflow that fits your unique circumstances (including financial) and meets your every need. 

Excellent, adaptive service each time.

Through our varied approach to dealing with our customers, every organisation we encounter gets a chance to grow and develop. Whether you’re in a 10,000 sq. ft. property or a small office in your loft, Hadassah has a solution for you. Think clean? Think Hadassah Service Agency.

Professional cleans by people you can trust.

We believe that people are everything: those we employ, those we serve. At the heart of all successful businesses are successful people. That’s why we’re committed to hiring only the best people who can adapt to new environments quickly, think on their feet, and respond better to challenges.

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