"We are Hadassah."
A Story of Passion becoming Reality

Who We Are

Need someone to cater for your various care needs? Looking for specialised cleaning services such as upholstery/carpet cleaning, post construction cleaning, and disinfections? We’re the ones for you. Here at Hadassah, we’re experts in tailor making a workflow that fits your unique circumstances (including financial) and meets your every need. With ground-breaking technology, we can address any cleaning and hygiene challenges you face and create innovative solutions for you, which is in great demand in our post-pandemic world.

We also operate an unparalleled service to provide the best of the best in reliable, affordable care services to our clients. Whether you need daily health related attention or need us to supply workers — you name it, we do it! Our certified practitioners work with you and your healthcare professional to develop and manage a personalized care plan that’s most convenient for you and caters to your specific needs. We bring high quality care right where you need it so that you can get better in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies


We believe that people are everything: those we employ, those we serve. At the heart of all successful businesses are successful people. That’s why we’re committed to hiring only the best people who can adapt to new environments quickly, think on their feet, and respond better to challenges. This helps every organisation we encounter to grow and develop. Whether you’re in a 10,000 sq. ft. property or a small office in your loft, Hadassah has a solution for you. Think clean? Think Hadassah Service Agency.